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Who are we?

A targeted view of real estate in Nice and the French Riviera

Real estate in France is a fascinating subject, at the heart of many a meal with friends and family.
It sometimes divides people, who wish to buy, who wish to rent, certainly makes them dream.
More than just a shelter, a cocoon, a necessity for a decent life, this material possession is undoubtedly one of the most coveted and closely related to us. Whether inside, in its layout and decoration, or outside, with its wealth of highly disparate architectural styles that bear witness to different eras, an apartment or house is its own reflection.

So when we launched NICE VUE MER Immobilier, we wanted to appeal primarily to all those people who have in their eyes the need for a moving shade of blue. A desire, a passion, a madness for a property with a view of the SEA.
This element of Nature, which can be contemplated, respected, impressed and inspired ad infinitum. And what could be more representative of the French Riviera than the sea views it offers? From then on, our niche was defined.

Our key figures


Creation of the agency in November by its 2 partners.
The agency chose to set up shop on a “floor” in a building, without a “physical” shop window, which was quite rare at the time, and went straight to the customer, visiting their home from the first appointment for sellers, or directly at the site of a first visit for buyers, for greater convenience. comfort and time savings

Mandate n°1

The agency NICE VUE MER Immobilier signs its first sales mandate “n°1″ which is a mandate EXCLUSIVE What’s more, the first seller trusts us to sell a 3-room apartment with a huge terrace and a lovely sea view in the st pierre de féric area.

We will sell this apartment a few weeks later


15 years already!

Before starting the next 1000, the mandate of sale n°999 is a new exclusivity for the agency NICE VUE MER Immobilier, on the bottom of the avenue Fabron in Nice west a 3/4P offering a sea view well on! sold as a second home.

Our agency, located at the Arenas at 455 Promenade des Anglais in Nice since 2014, will be moving in February 2023 to 470 Promenade des Anglais in a new-generation building 5 minutes from the airport.

TRANSPARENCY of the information provided

Throughout the real estate transaction process, we strive to provide you with the most accurate, comprehensive and forward-looking information, so that you can take a “fair”, long-term view of your investment or sale.

“No good is perfect, you just have to know its faults.”

Is there a construction project that would be likely to partially or totally remove the sea view from your property that you would like to acquire with our agency? If there is any doubt, we will contact the town planning department with whom we work closely to provide you with clear answers so that you can make your decision.

Are you planning to buy a property and then rent it out on a short-term basis? In Nice, in particular, the rules are very specific, and here again we have contacts at town hall level to ensure that you can rent your apartment on a seasonal basis, or not.

In addition to the information made compulsory by the ALUR law since 2014 when making an acquisition, and the documents that the notary will give you (PV d’assemblée générale, diagnostics techniques, taxe foncière, monthly charges, etc.) we will do our utmost to provide you with the information you need to make the most of your property.

With NICE VUE MER Immobilier, we take care of everything.

HUMANITY and WELFARE at the heart of our mission

Whether you’re buying or selling a property with a sea view in Nice and the Alpes Maritimes, we strive every day to make customer relations and listening to our clients our top priority. First and foremost.

Knowing how to listen, how to read between the lines, how to detect what’s most important to you, what you expect from us and not the other way around, how to adapt to the sensitivities and history of each customer, which makes each case truly unique, how to be efficient of course, but all the while respecting your requirements, your personality and your prerogatives, whatever they may be, is a real credo for us.

If you want an agency that sees you as a person, with feelings, feelings and a life project, we know how to make the difference.
We use the latest technologies to satisfy you and be ever more efficient, but these technologies can’t take precedence over real discussion, interviews and mutual exchange.
If you need time, we’ll let you take it. If you’d like us to help you through the difficult process of selling a property, we’ll be there for you.

The services we offer

In constant evolution, here are the essential services you will find in your NICE VUE MER Immobilier agency


One Apartment, One House Looking for a property with a sea view? Our agency has access to all properties for sale on the Marché Professionnel.et en VEFA Contact us and find Your Sea View!


Un Appartement, Une Maison Who better than the agency specializing in real estate with a sea view to make the most of your sea view? Overview, panoramic, 180°, we’ll make the difference and give you the most accurate value possible.


An Apartment, House
Do you own a sea view property on the French Riviera and want to sell it?

Our targeted sales process will satisfy you. Let’s meet and pack!


Un Appartement, Une Maison Among our most recent services, we have partnered with a local and trusted rental management specialist who will find your tenants, guarantee the payment of rent and manage the Life of your property.

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