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Our “Apartments and houses with sea view hunter” service is at your disposal.
We’re here to help you find what you’re looking for.

The main advantages of using our agency to find your sea view

Time-saving and responsive

You don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours looking for a property through Internet ads that are often “already sold”?
You’re at a distance and miss the goods you select every time?

Optimized budget

We negotiate on your behalf with the seller or the seller’s agent, using a tried and tested sales pitch aimed at securing a purchase offer that would otherwise not have been accepted. Statistically, this is the case for 1 in 2 offers.
We make the most of legal techniques to optimize transfer duties (“frais de notaire“).


Efficiency is the result of targeting, selection and skimming.
Few properties to visit for a concrete result. Only visit properties that are of real interest to you. You can visit the city and its architecture later!
A successful methodology and organization

Successful Methodology and Organization

1) Getting to know you and your project

We discuss your expectations, your needs, your desires, the type of sea view you want on a daily basis in your property in Nice or in one of the French Riviera towns where we operate. Whether it’s a future primary or secondary residence, a pied-à-terre or a family heirloom. Once we understand your project, we compare it with your budget to detect any discrepancies between wish and reality. Nothing is impossible if you put the right resources into it. Together, we’ll check whether financing is possible, and if so, we’ll put you in touch with our financial partners, brokers and banks. With the specifications complete and validated, we move on to the next stage.

2) Targeted search

Our business software is as detailed as possible. Proven over many years, and thanks to the man/machine partnership, between the relevance of the information filled in thanks to the agent’s understanding of the request and his knowledge of the real estate hunter’s trade, affiliated with power and artificial intelligence, we won’t miss a single property that could be of interest to you through our agency’s portfolio of properties, but also the totality of advertisements from real estate agencies on the French Riviera and from private individuals. and we make an initial personalized selection
We contact a number of notaries, hunting agents and partners to try and find off-market properties with sea views that might appeal to you or that will be of interest to you.
available soon.
Together we choose the first properties to visit. Which often integrates “the good one”

3) Actual visits or video calls

Once selected, we agree on a half or even full day to visit these apartments or houses and discover their sea views. By questioning the sellers or agents in the case of cooperative properties, we largely skim the unnecessary visits, saving a great deal of time.

An agent will be clear with us between professionals if we ask, for example, “is it really quiet?” “are there any faults to be aware of?”.

Efficiency is our watchword. Guided tours and cultural visits of the region are not our primary activity: we can arrange for you to be picked up at the airport if necessary (max 2 people at a time, subject to health regulations in force at the time) to start our program and optimize your time if you leave the same evening.
We review each property at the end of the tour. The pluses and minuses of each apartment or house
You will be asked to sign a global visit form (the mandate makes the visit form compulsory, cf. loi hoguet).

If you don’t have the time, we can arrange video calls on “Whatsapp” or “Google Meet” (as part of an exclusive 3-month renewable search mandate).

4) The purchase offer

You’ve found YOUR SEA VIEW – it’s done!

BUT there’s still one oh-so-tricky step to be taken to turn this good news into reality.

Make a purchase offer at the “right price”. We advise you on the seller’s desired price compared with other properties for sale that we have visited together.

We gather additional information and documents to make a no-surprise, locked-in proposal.

We analyze these elements for you and work with you to detect any obstacles to purchasing.
We negotiate with the seller or the agent holding the sales mandate to ensure that your purchase offer is accepted and that you obtain the best price.

5) Assistance with signing the compromise

Together with the notary and any other agency, we prepare the preliminary sales contract (compromis or promesse de vente), taking into account your expectations in terms of completion date and other technical and organizational details.
We attend the signing to answer any final questions you or the notary may have.
We would like to remind you of the timetable for a successful sale, with the next key dates (obtaining credit, end of the city’s right of pre-emption period if applicable, etc.).

If you agree, we can act as an intermediary for the broker or your bank to ensure that financing is obtained quickly and, above all, efficiently.
Between the preliminary sale agreement and the final sale, we can advise you on any work to be carried out, so that you can get quotes and make an appointment to start the work as soon as the final sale is signed.

Several visits, if necessary, will be possible between the pre-contract and the sale.

6) Signing the final deed of sale

As with our pre-contract support, we can assist you before and during the contract.
the signing of the deed of sale about 2 to 4 months later for
re-validate the latest information received by the notary

Keys, beeps, vigik and manuals are sent to you by the seller

Enjoy your SEA VIEW !

Welcome to Nice and the Côte d’Azur!

"LOOKING for real estate is a hobby,
FINDING it is a profession".

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