Seasonal rentals: new rules in sight?

The idea of eliminating the tax niche enjoyed by short-term rentals of furnished tourist accommodation is currently in the pipeline. We’d like to remind you that Nice is almost “unique” when it comes to short-term rentals of second homes. I invite you to contact us to find out about the limits and details, or to consult the Nice town council website directly, as the possibility of renting out your holiday home in Nice for a short period in a condominium is an exceptional case. Most of the time, this is no longer possible. With that in mind, here are a few points to consider:

– Ban on renting out old buildings via tourism platforms

– Implement a “short-term furnished rental approval” for all seasonal rentals offered on a digital platform.

– Reduce the number of nights you can rent out your main residence to 90, instead of the current 120, and extend this limit to second homes.

The list of ideas on the following article:

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