Welcome to your new NICE VUE MER Real Estate website!

After 9 years of good and loyal service and some updates, it was time for our “old” website to be modernized, and rebuilt from top to bottom. Nearly a year’s work has finally seen the light of day, and we’re delighted to share it with you!

A host of new features await you, including

-Access to our sold properties and to each sales story

-Precise classification of properties by neighborhood is a real innovation, making it easier for you to find your Vue Mer, and for sellers to optimally target Internet users interested in a sea view, of course, but also in one or more neighborhoods.

-Fluidity and large photos on the results lists and also in the individual property sheets

-Interactivity with the possibility for you to leave comments on properties for sale or on blog articles

-Create a free account to store all your favorites in one place for tracking, your multiple saved research projects, and your messages, with access to “OFF MARKET” properties for sale to registered users (always free).

-You can still sort by top floor, garden or terrace, but now you can also use the search engine to find properties with only “works”, or with an energy rating better than or equal to “D”, which is a new standard in terms of rental passport and living comfort.

-A blog worthy of the name at last

An online estimate that allows you to have an agent give you a pre-estimate within 48 hours, using a simple and efficient form.

-A page dedicated to our referral program for friends and family wishing to sell a VUE MER.

-And, of course, our support page for Blouses Roses, the association that brings joy to the hearts of children in hospitals, of which our manager was a member for 10 years in Nice, but now with a commitment to donate 10% of our annual profits.

So make the most of this new website, which we hope will be optimized, better designed and more accomplished, and please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, good or bad. Your comments will always be welcome, because we can improve every day, and we’ll do all that together!

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