Our SERIES “The Real Estate Agent” Episode 2: Prospecting

Let’s dive into an epic real estate agent’s task: prospecting.

The Challenge of the “Freelance” 🕵️‍♂️ : First Quality Rigorous and methodical being.

Every morning, the Agent scrutinizes the real estate sites from individual to individual, selects certain ads according to the requests of potential buyers or who interest him. Imagine him, then armed with his XXL ☕coffee, his best friend the phone and very often a software dedicated to this “freelancing” which groups the ads according to a multitude of criteria and allows to follow up on sales effectively, by noting the seller’s response, the possible call n°2 or 3 on D+15 days, or 1 month etc… according to his strategy and that of the seller.

Call the owners 🎤📞: Perseverance.

Our agent can then make up to 20, 30 or 40 calls depending on an introduction that he has defined and is ready to respond to the objections of sellers who initially want to sell without him 🙂 He must consult BLOCTEL, the database of numbers whose canvassing is forbidden by the owner: “Hello Mrs. Dupont, your apartment may be of interest to a buyer who has commissioned us and I would like to know if he is quiet enough and if he has a cellar? …” Seller’s answer “NOOOONN leave me alone, I want to sell alone and I have a friend as a real estate agent!” or “yes of course there is a cellar but for the moment I was thinking of selling without the help of an agent but explain to me the advantages of using your services”. A freelancing is managed on the spot as soon as the ad is published, or cold on ads more than 2 months old. Assessment = an appointment on site, or a categorical or momentary refusal and in the latter case we note to call the customer back later and we will do it.

The file of former customers: Follow-up and Rigor again.

Call the agency’s former clients 1 to 2 times a year. Phone, text, mailing. The 1st interest is to check in with them because YES it makes us happy. Let’s not forget that an Agent likes human relations and that’s why he has to do this job. The 2nd is to know if they have a person in their entourage who has a real estate project and the 3rd, they themselves may intend to sell or buy a new property.

The Field and Social 🚀 Networks The Legs and Digital

But the quest does not stop there. The real estate agent must also go out into the field for his prospecting. Imagine him, like Indiana Jones 🏃‍♂️, walking the streets in search of new mandates. Some ring the doorbell (this prospecting is very difficult and we really salute those who do it regularly because getting a “hello”, or a “yes okay” after 20, 30 or 100 doors ajar is not easy). He gives his card to shopkeepers, regularly asks them about prospects they might know, chats with neighbours and, when it is not forbidden, offers his services in letterboxes by means of a flyer or informs them of a recent sale or estimate in their own building. Because yes, one day this flyer will interest you.

And when he gets back to the office, he puts on his virtual suit to explore social networks and quarterly or monthly newsletters. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn… everything goes! With posts that must be catchy, videos and “current” themes, he tries to capture the attention of those who might want to sell their “home” and informs “others” with pleasure.

So, if you come across a real estate agent on the street, give them a nod. Behind his phone and his “hurried” look, he is in the middle of a secret mission to find the rare pearl. And who knows, your apartment or house might just be his next find! 🏠🔑

Continuation in Episode 3: THE VISIT.

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