Technical innovation: “A terrace? Of course, I’ll install it for you!”

🚧🛠️ **Innovation in the middle of a construction site in Nice!** 🛠️🚧

This morning, on our way to a meeting, we had the chance to linger for a few moments on one of the new programs under construction on Avenue Simone Veil in the west of Nice.

🏗️ The construction site is in full swing and a really ingenious and unusual method of fixing terraces caught our attention. 🏗️

In fact, the building is designed in two phases:

1️⃣ **Phase 1 :** Construction of the main building without terraces or balconies, allowing for faster implementation and greater flexibility for possible future renovations. 🏢

2️⃣ **Phase 2 :** Addition of terraces, one by one, without scaffolding! 🏗️➡️🏡

To do this, a metal frame is attached to a concrete reinforcement in the floor beforehand. Then, the terraces are raised floor by floor, using the terrace below to fix the one above. ⚙️🔩

This innovative method saves time and money, while offering great flexibility for the layout of terraces and, in the long term, to change or renovate them more easily. 💰⏱️🔧

We look forward to discovering new innovations on this exciting construction site! 🌟🏗️

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