Our Series: The Real Estate Agent by Nice Sea View

Episode 1: Its main functions🏡✨

Welcome to the fascinating world of real estate agents as seen by an agent! 🌟 In this “series” created by our agency in 6 episodes, we will describe the daily life, the facets and the joys of this job that is ours by detailing our functions through many anecdotes to make you smile, think and why not become an agent!

An agent is a bit like a real estate superhero 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️. Its mission? Find and/or sell the property of your dreams and make sure everything runs smoothly 🚀. Easy? hmmm, we continue. He must know the Market inside 📊 out to best advise his clients on its trends and sometimes (often) even play psychologist to reassure indecisive or anxious 😅 buyers and sellers or both at the same time. Between visits, negotiations and paperwork, he is never bored! 💼📝

But in the end, what exactly does a real estate agent do? 🤔 We will go into detail in each of his missions over the next episodes:

👉First of all, he is looking for properties for sale (or rent). 🔍 This involves prospecting in the field, sifting through the ads of individuals, those of his colleagues with whom he exchanges, and staying on the lookout for opportunities.

👉Then, he assesses the value of the properties, a task that requires a certain amount of experience because it is the starting point for a successful or long-term sale.

👉The agent takes care of the promotion of the properties for which he has obtained a mandate, via commercial websites, social networks, he writes ads, takes photos, videos, retouches them but without cheating, updates the website of his agency.

👉He/she organizes visits 🕵️‍♀️, taking into account the availability of each other. His schedule must be very flexible from morning to night without interruption, including at lunch break (uh, what’s that? We have lunch when we are an agent, is this new?😅). During these visits, he must be able to answer all the visitors’ questions, advise them and convince them if necessary.

👉He negotiates the terms of sale and finds common ground between the parties in ongoing cases. “Finding common ground”. In 5 words, this could be the definition of our profession. This is a major point to which we will return, as it is crucial today even more than yesterday.

👉He regularly follows training courses to always be aware of the latest laws, changes in working methods etc…

👉He is in close contact with the notaries, and accompanies his clients until the signing of the final 📑sale. This includes the verification of multiple and increasingly technical documents, the translation of complex things into simple terms, the explanation of the clauses of the contract and its adaptation and sometimes even the management of the administrative procedures for the continuation of the purchase/sale.

👉And if, in addition to all this, the real estate agent is also, as is often the case, the manager of the agency, then he will have to perform the functions of manager of a company (accounting monitoring, treasury, invoicing, suppliers, manager, etc.).

In short, a real Swiss Army knife of real estate! 🛠️

See you soon for episode 2!

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