France Sea View – Coastal paths: a vast project

Launched in March 2021, the “France vue sur Mer – Coastal path” approach aims to develop the continuity of the coastal path in metropolitan France and overseas, by integrating environmental and heritage issues, in a context where many parts of the coastline are impacted by erosion.
Cerema is the pilot of this national operation, the result of a partnership between the ministries in charge of the Sea and the one in charge of the Ecological Transition, and today supports some fifty projects.


The maintenance and creation of coastal paths involves taking into account climate change and its impacts on coastal areas. Storms and tides contribute to erosion and each year sections of the trail must be temporarily closed for safety reasons.

As part of France Recovery programme, €5 million is earmarked for the development and management of the coastal path to improve its continuity and accessibility.

Launched in March 2021, the approach already supports some thirty projects, and the France Vue sur Mer platform has received about forty applications.

1000 files were downloaded, proof of the interest shown by local actors in the “France vue sur mer – Sentier du littoral” programme. At the end of November 2021, 52 applications had been selected from 66 applications. More than 120 municipalities are now concerned.

Cerema is very involved in the process: it is a member of the steering committee that was installed in January 2021, ensures the animation of the initiative and the development of partnerships, and brings its expertise in terms of technical, administrative and financial engineering to project leaders.

For each project submitted, Cerema, in conjunction with the local DDTM, carries out an expertise of the file through an analysis grid that it has built and had validated by the copy, so as to ensure consistency with the challenges of the sites. Finally, an opinion is formulated by the steering committee.


Around these projects, it is therefore a “Coastal path” network which is in the process of being structured for a collective increase in competence over time: alongside local authorities, State services, whether within central administrations (Ministry of Sea, Ministry of Ecological Transition) or at the local level with Departmental Directorates of Territories and the Sea (DDTM), real keystones of the operation through their support and knowledge of the field, and the Regional Directorates for the Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL), are the guarantors of an efficient, qualitative and sustainable production chain.

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